An Integrator Community

Female Integrator Mastermind (FIM) is an international peer to peer coaching and mentoring platform that gives women Integrators running a company on the Entrepreneurial Operating System (EOS®) opportunities to discuss important business issues. This dynamic community of women provides network and support resources to encourage and propel women forward in their leadership position to reach maximum career potential while making a significant contribution to their company’s growth. FIM members are passionate about EOS because it has driven their company forward by providing a Vision shared by all, Traction and accountability, and a healthy team environment. FIM reinforces the tools and disciplines taught by EOS and members give insight into how they have adapted them into their company. Our Community is passionate about cultivating the advancement of women leaders and exhibits the following core values: Be Real - We are authentic, vulnerable and walk our talk Be Here - We are present, show up and care for eachother Be More - We are fearless decision makers, growth minded, and elevate others. Be Bold - We are courageous, badass and lead with humble confidence

an integrator community